– Pioneering: the Itapuã sandals was the first one to conceive the Certificated of Comfort and Health from “IBTEC”, the Brazilian Institute for Letter Technology, Shoes and Artifacts.

– Versatility: attends the most various segments of the market with several options of sandals, that goes from the classic to the modern: Itapuã, Itsandal, besides the female shoes of New Face.

– Leader of the male sandals market.

– Coverage: because of the high quality products and for dealing with all the quality requirements from all first world markets, Itapuã exports for over 30 countries.

– Top Technology in the factory process.

– Innovation: makes global researches about tendencies, design, modeling and materials.

Countries where you can find the Itapuã sandals.

Countries where you can find Itapuã’s products.

Ideals of Itapuã Industries

Be the best Brazilian shoes company in therms of clients attendance with valuable and committed teams.

Contribute to the elegance and comfort of our clients, offering innovating products and services.

Ethics, excellence in client’s attendance, self-development, innovation and commitment with the results.

innovation and fashion to surprise the family.