Itapuã, an industry of shoes, dreams and reality.

Severino Matias de Souza: “O sucesso é fruto de dedicação, honestidade e simplicidade. Nossa empresa sempre deverá seguir esse caminho.”

Severino Matias de Souza: “The success is the harvest from dedication, honesty and humility. Our company shall always walk through those paths.”

The young Severino Matias de Souza got out of Surubim, in the state of Pernambuco (Brazil) to chase the dream of a better life. In Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in the state of Espírito Santo, he built uo his first business: a small factory, on the backyard of his house, that later would become Itapuã Industries.

In 1976, he was at the Brazilian shoes focus, launching his first big Itapuã’s factory. In the 80’s he made of the factory a great industrial complex and from that moment on, never stopped growing. The male sandals got a great recognition among the Brazilian retailers and consumers, becoming:

“The male Brazilian sandal”.

Today, Itapuã is a company with 2 business unities, a store network and a factory unit. The store network is a multi branded retailer shop, acting in 3 Brazilian states: Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The Itapuã Industries factories and distributes tree brands to the Brazilian and world wide retailers: Itapuã Sandals, New Face and Itsandal. In that manners, the shoes and sandals can get to all the consumers in Brazil and around the globe.

Severino’s dream became the reality from many contributors, providers, client, retailers (in the world), besides millions of consumers. The press and all the shoes sectors in Brazil have recognized the shoe’s quality, besides the competences and dedication of the company during those 60 years.


Itapuã Industries: more than 60 years of dedication and success.

2013 – Itapuã Industries celebrates 57 years, with 3 brands – Itapuã Sandals, New Face and Itsandal – serving to the Brazilian consumers that acquire their shoes in Shoe Stores and Great Shoes Networks. Also Itapuã export it shoes world wide.

2006 – It’s the 50th anniversary from Itapuã as a factory of comfortable male sandals. Already selling the sandals to Brazilian shoe stores and world wide.

2003 – Itapuã Industries go solid outside Brazil. The sales of shoes to an younger audience increases. It is launched the Itsandal brand.

2002 – Itapuã Industries participate of events in the mundial shoes market: The International GDS fairs in German cities, also in Sharjah and at Mexico City.

2001 – Itapuã Industries rebuilt itself and go wider in the Products Development area, National and International Commercial areas and Client Satisfaction into the retailer stores.

1997 – Severino, Itapuã’s founder, dies. He leaves the company with 2 business unities: a Retailer Store Network and a Factory that produces Itapuã’s shoes and other two brands.

1996 – Severino launches a national advertising campaign for the brand “Itapuã Sandals” in the Brazilian television, with the video called “The happiness of a man is a sandal on his feet”. The music “Tarde em Itapuã”, from Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho, is the chosen one to be the video’s single.

1991 – Itapuã Industries get inside the female market with the launching of New Face brand.

1990 – The brand Itapuã Sandals get a national recognition as “THE MALE SANDAL, THE NUMBER ONE FROM BRAZIL”.

1988 – Severino get an important title from someone born in the state of Espírito Santo in Brazil.

1986 – The Group Sinos (from the newspaper “The Exclusive” and the magazine “Launchings”) gives Severino the title of “The Year’s Footwear’s Industrial Banch”.

1983 – The magazine “Exame WHO IS WHO AT THE BRAZILIAN ECONOMY”, gives the title “Feature of the Year” to Severino.

1980 – Itapuã is already an industrial complex, respected by the Brazilian industry. Thinking about Globalization, Severino creates a managing group to his succession.

1976 – Industries and Commerce Ministers, Severo Gomes, participate of the launching from the new factories installations. Severino is also recognized with the title “Surubim’s Notable Son”, his hometown.

1971 – The company is given the name “Calçados Itapuã S/A – Indústries and Commerce”, acting as a fabric and also as a commerce and retailing unity.

1970 – Itapuã Industries gain the Honor Certificate to the Merit of Municipal Council of Tourism from Franca”, by it participation at the III Francal.

1968 – The company’s name is “ICRASA Indústria de Calçados Regina e Alvorada S/A”. The male letter sandals start having national recognition.

1966 – The factory grows and get better and bigger installations. Severino gets the tittle of “1966 Industrie’s Personality”.

1960 – The small factory has already become a great factory and was even attending the national market with only one product: the male sandals that already had the “Itapuã” brand.

1956 – Nameless, Itapuã was born. Severino, already living in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, open the Sapataria Regina, a store created from a small shoe factory, built up in the backyard of his home. It was already producing shoes to the local consumers.

1940 – Severino grows up and, with practice, he became a great cobbler’s craftsman, producing letter sandals and various kinds of shoes.

1928 – Severino Matias de Souza was born in Surubim, Pernambuco, Brazil.